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Pepsi's Navy?

Yes, the 6th largest military power...

Now you might have heard about the cola wars, the long-standing rivalry between The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. The two compete against each other across the world in different markets.

Had tensions ever boiled over into an actual war in the late 1980’s it’s a pretty sure thing Pepsi would have won. Here’s why…

In 1971 Donald Kendall (marketing honcho at PepsiCo) lent on his friend US President Nixon to allow him to export Pepsi to the Soviet Union. This trade had one major issue, the USSR did not have access to foreign currency. So instead the Soviets offered a trade, Soviet-made Stolichnaya Vodka in return for Pepsi. Pepsi gladly accepted and became the first western product to be sold in the USSR and Stolichnaya became Pepsi's first foray into the alcoholic drinks market.

In 1989 the agreement was about to expire. The demand for Pepsi was now so high, the exclusive Stolichnaya deal alone could not cut it. Instead, Pepsi agreed to accept 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate and a destroyer from the Soviet Navy. This made Pepsi the 6th largest military power by number of submarines in the world.

Now president of Pepsi, Mr Kendall told the USA National Security Adviser “We are disarming the USSR faster than you”!

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